Amanda Berglund   |

"A poster for a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit from which vernissage cards can be pulled off. Every time someone pulls off a card, a new image, more true to Gaultier’s aesthetics, will start to appear. And just like every collection by Jean Paul Gaultier has been unique, every vernissage card will be unique part of the poster."

My name is Amanda Berglund and I’m a graphic designer, photographer and full-time dreamer. I’m a in design at HDK (School of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg. When I’m not designing or taking photos I’ve had a little dream of becoming a DJ, which might come true sometime soon.

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good typography, example 3

his name was hard to read at first, but if i was more familiar with the fashion world, i bet it would’ve been clear more quickly. i think this is a good example of decorative typography/typography as an embellishment.